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Simple Fashion: Lularoe

Note: Some of my articles contain affiliate links, but not this one. I get no kickbacks on these recommendations, besides the joy of sharing these body positive warriors with you.

Lularoe taught me my body is not broken

If you do not know Lularoe, it is a very large direct sales clothing company.  Some people describe the styling as “mom” or “modest” fashion, but I just found that these clothes were made for real women’s bodies and are just practical. Each style comes in a limited prints, 1500 or so, so if you like unique clothes, this will be your jam. Retailers cannot order a specific print so the inventory that comes in is often like the lottery. Some of the clothing is made in the US some overseas. Some materials are more durable than others. The materials vary almost as much as the prints, so getting a knowledgeable consultant to help you out is key. I first learned about Lularoe from my friend Yvonne when I complained that I loved wearing leggings while pregnant but could not find any that fit 6 weeks post-partum. She added me to a Facebook group and my world quickly opened to the possibility of loving fashion. As I shared in a previous post, I have always struggled with my body image, probably because I spent years buying clothes that were ill fitted to my body. Well, Lularoe fixed that. When I put on my first Lularoe pencil skirt, I suddenly realized my body is not broken. I am not ill shaped. There are clothes out there that will fit and celebrate my curves! I love how Lularoe clothes fit my body and empower me to feel confident and beautiful in my skin. Might sound corny, but I do really feel like Lularoe changed my life and my relationship with my body. And it is all thanks to the four women I highlight below. There are literally thousands of of consultants out there selling Lularoe and even more Facebook groups dedicated to these clothes. While I am sure nearly all of them are fabulous retailers, I highlight below four women that I love to shop with. I think you should shop with them too.

Inspiring Women

The way most Lularoe retailers reach their customers is through Facebook groups. They post their inventory to albums, groups, online websites or do live sales where they show inventory. Sometimes, if you have a friend selling Lularoe, they will have a “pop-up” party where they bring clothes to your house and you invite friends to shop with you. Some retailers have brick and mortar shops too, most often in their homes. The personal aspect of the shopping experience means you get clothes out of the transaction but you also get friendship, support and community. I was not friends with the people I shop from before being a customer, but I consider them friends now.

Whitney Bunn,

Whitney is an amazing inspirational speaker, Lularoe business owner, mom of four and foster parent. I could go on and on about how awesome she is. SERIOUSLY. I encourage you to join our community on Facebook at and participate in the weekly #sweetchallenge. This blog would not exist if it were not for her. Whitney helped me revive a dream I had inside of me for a long time and helped create a space where I could listen to my heart and follow it. Amazing, right? This is because Whitney creates a space where women are able to share the sweet victories and sour moments of life and uplift each other.  The clothes are just what bring us together originally, but we stay there to support each others dreams. Whitney carries almost every style and always makes sure she has every size available so you can find the perfect fit. She also offers two awesome styling services.

Styling sessions

Whitney provides a very personal online shopping service. Once you have joined the group, you can sign up for a styling session. Whitney will create outfits with your personal needs and goals in mind and you can shop from the comfort of your home, even if the kids are melting down, or in my case, running around naked with a funnel as a hat on their head.  Check out details for your own styling session!

Below is an example of a styling session Whitney did for me.

Sweet Treasures

Whitney offers a service very similar to Stitch Fix, but even more personalized and tailored to what works for you! It is seriously awesome. She offers these once a month and will post them to the group on You pick your budget and fill out a style profile. She then puts her #styleninja skills to work creating a capsule and surprise you with a complete look. If you do not love your clothes, you can return the items for a full refund and no shipping charge (Just like Stitch Fix). She will send you a pre-paid shipping label on request. But so far, everyone has kept everything she has sent, because she is that good! If you love and keep all of your goodies, you will receive 10% off your Sweet Treasure for the following month! There are additional perks for ordering every month, but it is in no way a requirement. You still have to manually order every month as there is no sign up. Ready to snag yours? There are three package options. Visit Whitney at with your budget and mention you are a new customer. She will take care of the rest!

Here I am in my very first sweet treasure… PERFECTION!

Shannon McCook, Lularoe Fashion Retailer

Shannon is one of my other favorite people online. She is an amazing woman who has created a close knit community of women who encourage and uplift each other. Even though I live far away and most of the women in the group have never met me, they have accepted me in their fold with open arms and giant hearts. All the members regularly post and genuinely care about each other. And that is a reflection of who Shannon is as a person and as a retailer. Shannon really gets to know her customers and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your purchases. She also gives her VIPs first dibs on all the yummy Lularoe fashion so you never have to fight your way to a beautiful outfit. One of the services she offers that I love is her “Love it or List it” events. You give her a style and size and she creates a capsule just for you. You then have 24 hours to either “Love it” (purchase it) or “List it” (offer it up to the group to snag). He outfits are always on point. Join our group of funky, real, loving women on Facebook here.

Styled by Shannon during her “Love it or List it” event. 

Jasmine Pilgeram, Lularoe Fashion Retailer

I met Jasmine through a fundraising event for my son’s nursery school. She is a local retailer to the Bay Area and has a lovely in home studio where you can visit her and get a one on one fashion consultation. She let me invade her studio with my two kids, nurse on her sofa, let John play with all her kids awesome toys and made me feel amazing. And she fed me the best banana bread in the history of banana bread that she baked just for her customers. Awesome, right? In addition to shopping in house, one of the services Jasmine offers that I really enjoy are warehouse orders. Before she orders new inventory, she will sometimes poll her customers about what they would like to purchase. If it fits her inventory needs, she will order an item for you. When it comes in, she will style it for you and you get first dibs on the item. Often, these types of orders require a pre-purchase. Not with Jasmine. I love that. Visit her Facebook group for more details. Nothing more simple than showing up to her lovely baked goods and mimosas and shopping for clothes that make you feel fabulous!

Styled here by the amazing Jasmine.

Kara Miller, Lularoe Fashion Retailer

Kara is one of the most graceful and generous people I have met online. She often does fundraisers and giveaways. She is quite famous on Pinterest  which is how I found her. Her fame is totally understandable as she has a fabulous sense of style and her outfits are always killer. She is also a dedicated mom to four boys. She does fun live sales and has great customer service. Check out her weekly album sales on Thursdays

A gorgeous Gigi I purchased from Kara.

Dress with confidence

The goal of this post is to share a little bit about Lularoe and highlight women I feel deserve your business. But the message behind it is that you should not compromise with your clothing. If you have not found a brand that works for you, keep searching. Maybe Lularoe will be your answer. Maybe not. At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for your soul is to embrace the body you have right now. It isn’t always easy. I hold myself accountable to my commitment of loving my current body by keeping a digital diary of sorts on Instagram. Each time I post, I recommit to loving myself and the body that contains my soul. Because I am worth that confidence. And so are you!

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What is your favorite brand of clothing that makes you feel like a million bucks? Comment below and share the love!